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Support for system operation, training, re-training and video management can be accessed in many ways:

Service That Does Not Stop After The Purchase

Company technicians are available to assist with start-up and on-going operations for the life of the systems on your buses.

Surveillance 247 offers onsite service plans throughout our territories. Three-visit and two-visit plans for 12-month periods include the inspection of every system and the replacement of any faulty equipment. Visits by our service techs are typically performed four to six months apart and scheduled at least four weeks in advance. Pricing is all-inclusive for parts and labor. Our service plans deliver peace of mind, while reducing district’s labor costs of self-maintenance.

On-Site Service Plans

Service agreements help protect your investment and decrease your lifetime system cost. Plans start as low as $100 per bus per year.
Agreements include the following details:


Proper installation of your new 247 systems is essential. To ensure a successful installation, we recommend a Surveillance 247 certified installation team. With over 15 years of experience, installing more than 1500 systems per year, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

Prior to installation, a conference call with transportation officials and 247 installers is conducted to cover all logistics of the job, including an agreed upon time frame for completion. At the conclusion of the project, transportation officials are required to sign-off on all buses to ensure all work has been completed to your satisfaction. Software training with a complete overview of the systems’ functions is scheduled at the conclusion of the project.

From start to finish you will never go it alone. With 247’s sales, service, and support, you won’t have to.


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