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Designed & Built in North America

Ability to Respond to Product Requests Quickly

Higher Build Quality

On-Site Service Plans

15 Years of Installation Experience


Who We are

Designed & Built in North America

When purchasing video systems for your vehicles, it is important to consider where the products are made. All 247Security video products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in North America. We don’t resell "white-label" products from overseas. Our sales staff has a direct line to our engineers, allowing your feedback to reach our design team. Your support comes directly from the people who build the systems.

Who We are

Ability to Respond to Product Requests Faster

When you talk with our tech support, you are talking to a Surveillance 247 representative, not a call center. With two tech facilities in the U.S.,  we are always ready to handle any issue you may be facing. We encourage customer training and re-training. If your staff turns over, let us know. We want to get to know your new employees and make sure they are well versed in the use of our systems. By phone, online, or in-person, we'll be there when you need us.

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Who We are

Higher Build Quality

247Security wrote the book on mobile video systems. Our DVRs are built to withstand the rock and roll of everyday life of any transportation vehicles. Over the years, we have blazed the trail of innovation in passive GPS, fanless DVR operation, hybrid storage, wireless video management, and small system footprints, just to name a few. Our industry-first, lifetime-warranted Infinity Drive Storage system, is proof of the rugged quality you can expect from Surveillance 247.

Who We are

Lower Lifetime Cost = Higher ROI

Lifetime warranty and proven longevity equals greater ROI for you. All video systems come with lifetime support at no additional cost, supplemented by a lifetime warranty on the Infinity Drive Storage system.

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Who We are

Meet The Family

At Surveillance 247, we are more than just a company. We are a group of people dedicated to our craft, ensuring that we develop products that truly help our customers.


Tom Giglio

Senior Vice President, Sales & Operations

Chris Fregans

Installation Manager

Larry Silba

Service Manager

Theresa Jensen

Account Executive

Shawn Scoville

Systems Specialist

Syreeta Hill

Account Executive

Beth Moore


Carlos Ithier

Account Executive

Mark Louprette

IT Manager

Tony Marrongelli

Technical Support

Ian Sutton

Technical Support